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PH-neutral, biological and sustainable

MB-ActiveCleaner, which has been dermatologically tested and rated “very good’, prevents the nasty smells caused by decomposing organic matter. It is particularly well suited for every-day cleaning and eliminating odours in heavily used sanitary facilities. The microorganisms penetrate deep into the pores (joins) and destroy any odour-producing residue. MB-ActiveCleaner ensures a long lasting, pleasant freshness and, with daily use, prevents odours from returning.

MB-ActiveCleaner is PH-neutral and does not contain any harmful ingredients, which destroy plastic softening agents and which would make the product degrade more quickly. We therefore advise you to use URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner when looking after your hand dryer.

MB-ActiveCleaner leaves your hand dryer cleaner for longer and actively contributes to maintaining the value of your product.

Suitable for use in:

  • Toilets and sanitary facilities
  • Washrooms and showers
  • Facades, passages and stairwells
  • Waste containers and refuse collection stations
  • Floors, carpets etc.

Including countless other areas! Try it for yourself.


Art.-No. Description
80.001 1 Litre concentrate
80.002 Multipack 3 Litre concentrate Spray bottle
80.006 10 Litre can

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